The Art of John Pierro
Welcome, I'm a artist working in Orlando Fl. with my wife Jacque, two doggies, and a kitty on the side. Both of us make up what we call Pierro Studios. We both come from a background in animation, working with Walt Disney studios for many years on their feature films. Animation is such a wonderful medium which incorporates a wide range of artistic disciplines in making those challenging films. During my nearly 10 years with Disney, I had the privilege of studying many of these aspects, including animation, story, and visual development.
On my site you will find what has become one of my true artistic passions, ceramic sculpture. Creating forms in clay, firing, and glazing them can bring wonderful surprises, and heartbreaking dissapointments. Because of this, it's a process that's both rewarding and also very challenging. If after viewing my work you are interested in the some of the process, you can either visit my blog page at Pierro Studios Blog or you can go to the Studio pictures section.
My subject matter is the human story, the figure, the predominant character. There's an unlimited supply of human drama, past and present that I use as my inspiration. Our struggles, and conflicts, our successes, and failures, and much more are taken into consideration when sculpting my figures. And what better a test to put them through, then a trial by fire.

In the Figurative Sculpture section you will find cone 5 stoneware sculptures. In the Ceramic Works gallery you will find Ceramic Masks, Wheel Thrown Forms, and Thrown forms with Sculpture
If you have more time, and wish to look around, please visit my: Other Mediums section. In this gallery you will find watercolors, Pen and ink drawings, Digital Illustration, Drawings & Paintings, and some Visual developement sketches.
All are a sum of the parts that have brought me to the place I am at artistically at this point of my life.
Thank you for your visit.
Sincerely, John Pierro