The Art of John Pierro
FramesFrame makingNew kiln and boopamore mask makingmask making"Looking back" base  in shopKatherine Butler gallery showKiln ventGranite for basesGetting aheadDark angel sculptureThe ConsumerBuilding the Burly manwider view 2wider viewThrowing stationsculpture stationSculpting StationWrk in progressComplete HarmonyBlast OffKiln disasterface repairBiscque firedBiscque firedBiscque firedBisque firedBisque firedGlaze stationGlazingSpraying glazeKiln shack openedBefore  firingBefore  firingGlaze fireBefore the fireAfter the fireAfter the fireWheel stationWood bases to beDrying woodBuzzing basesPlaining woodPlaining woodWood basesBasesStudio dog DunkinMe
Studio Pictures
A look at some of the process and inside my studio.