The Art of John Pierro

Welcome, I'm a artist working in Orlando Fl. with my wife Jacque, 3 doggies & 2 kitties. Both of us make up what we call Pierro Studios. We both come from a background in animation, working with Walt Disney studios for many years on their feature films. These days I teach computer animation at Full Sail University.
On my site you will find what has become one of my true artistic passions, ceramic sculpture. Creating forms in clay, firing, and glazing them can bring wonderful surprises, and heartbreaking disappointments
My subject matter is the human story, the figure, the predominant character. There's an unlimited supply of human drama, past and present that I use as my inspiration. Our struggles, and conflicts, our successes, and failures, and much more are taken into consideration when sculpting my figures. And what better a test to put them through, then a trial by fire.
The figurative theme also finds it's home with the many pen & ink drawings , etchings, and paintings you will also find on the site.
Check out my one a day section for 2015, every weekday I take some time to do a sketch and paint it in photoshop. Here's a link to find them on Facebook. One a Day

Thank you for your visit.
Sincerely, John Pierro